Website Optimization Best Practices

Many new projects grow from a small base to a full blown app in time. Besides the pride of the accomplishments the developer now has to care about behind-the-scenes-stuff like page load, caching and effective webdesign to keep or improve the current speed when using the project.

Speed – or to be more precise the lack of it – is one of the major annoyances and a main reason for users to not come back. So it is in your own best interest to reach the best possible speed.

I found a very extensive list of website optimization techniques which I wanted to share with you (and to keep a link for future references). I can’t really say that by now I even follow half the list of improvements but I will certainly try to make the next app better than the one before – as always.

Link: Website Optimization Best Practices, speed up your website load

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AIR on Linux: Adobe wants beta testers

Adobe’s AIR is plattform intented to distribute Flash based applications as desktop programs.

Now Adobe’s looking for developers using linux to test a new release and report bugs and other problems with the new package. To check if you’re a fit for this job Adobe has outlined a few key questions you have to check before applying for the job.

If you are interested and applying you have all the best wishes from me.

Link: Adobe AIR on Linux: Call for Pre-Release Users

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