trac: upgrading trac with easy_install fails with “unexpected HTML page found”

When installing or upgrading trac on a Debian-like linux machine you might want to use the easy approach of the python setuptools. Trac can be installed or upgraded by using:


Since the release of Subversion 1.5 the version of easy_install included in the Debian repository ran into a compatibility issue. Instead of working as expected it always complained:

error: Unexpected HTML page found at

The problem seems to be that the SVN-Web-Output generated by Subversion 1.5+ is not being understanded by setuptools. In the issue tracker for the trac-plugin-project I found the easiest way to solve this problem. You will use the setuptools to update itself and then you won’t have problems anymore:

easy_install -U setuptools

PS: This problem also occured when trying to install plugins from since they also use SVN 1.5+.

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