Website Optimization Best Practices

Many new projects grow from a small base to a full blown app in time. Besides the pride of the accomplishments the developer now has to care about behind-the-scenes-stuff like page load, caching and effective webdesign to keep or improve the current speed when using the project.

Speed – or to be more precise the lack of it – is one of the major annoyances and a main reason for users to not come back. So it is in your own best interest to reach the best possible speed.

I found a very extensive list of website optimization techniques which I wanted to share with you (and to keep a link for future references). I can’t really say that by now I even follow half the list of improvements but I will certainly try to make the next app better than the one before – as always.

Link: Website Optimization Best Practices, speed up your website load

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Born in the north of Germany, raised in Berlin and stayed there since. After graduating, studying applied computer science at the FHTW Berlin (now HTW Berlin), I started my own company with a former fellow student, providing high class application solutions for web and desktop for small and medium companies (see (english version to be finished) for more information). My personal favorite programming languages are PHP for the web and Java for everything else - although I must admit Java evolved very much in the past few years. I love to code and build new applications from the scratch, optimizing it through day and night till I am satisfied with it's performance. So follow my articles, share your thoughts and experience with me and have a good time browsing this blog!
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