Using the Zend Framework 1.8 Bootstrapper and Doctrine 1.1.0

I think that by now, the Zend Framework is one of the most sophisticated PHP frameworks available.
Additionally I really like the idea of Object Relational Mapper tools. Unfortunately the Zend Frameworks DB and ORM capabilities didn’t convince me yet. That’s where the powerful ORM tool for PHP named Doctrine comes into play.
It is fairly easy to get Doctrine and the Zend Framework (here I’m usually referring to the MVC part) working together,
but in my opinion that might not use the full potential of these two Frameworks put together.
So I started developing a wrapper Framework which I named – in the lack of a better name 😉 – Cuckoo.
At this point in developmnent it only offers ZF 1.8 bootstrap classes for Doctrine and an application wrapper which makes using Doctrine and ZF together easier. A sample application is included as well, I hope it works more or less out of the box.

The next steps will be a Zend Form derivate that can generate forms by using the meta information from your doctrine
model but stays fully customizable as well as cool Ajax/ExtJs support.

Download 0.001 PreAlpha

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I started studying computer sciences at the Munich university of applied sciences in late 2005.
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