Firefox 3.1 – A Designers’ Release

Many web designers will be pleased to see the list of changes that will be introduced with the upcoming Firefox release 3.1. Many exciting features have been integrated and are awaiting their use in new websites. Some of these are: the @font-face rule, which can be used to declare font files (that will be downloaded to the client computer in the background), some new HTML 5 features, an improved color management (allowing for colour correction based on ICC profiles) and JSON-support built directly into the browsers’ DOM.

There are two changes I consider “my favorites”: as Firefox is about to close the gap between itself and the highly innovative Webkit browsers Safari and Chrome, more CSS 3 properties will be supported in Version 3.1. I’m looking forward to use text-shadow because it simply looks great.
And then there is word-wrap.
Whilst other browsers – even the worst of them – have been capable of word splitting for several years, this one has been a major annoyance in Firefox. Now that v3.1 introduces word-wrapping one should be able to use narrow columns more effectively without having to be afraid of (long) words flying outside of their columns. And even for regular dimensioned sidebars, an enhanced typeface is something to look forward to.

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