Hello World

What title is more suited to open up a new blog about programming and related subjects than “Hello World” – the quote we all were eager to see on the screen once upon a time when we started to learn our favorite programming language.

“Yet another blog???” you might shout at your screen and we just reply: Yes!

Over the years we had our fair share of helping hands: books, blogs, forum posts and powerpoint presentations were always there for us to help us fix a bug or a problem we encountered while developing.

This new blog is our way to give something back to the community of developers around the globe. We will try to find interesting subjects (you’re very welcome to make requests) about which we will have tutorials and we will review developer related books. Furthermore you will get the very subjective filtered bunch of news and the occasional story or “Ooooh-moment” if we stumble about something noteworthy.

The idea to finally start an own blog solely about programming was a common wish for over a year now. Daff and I already blogged in our personal blogs and programming certainly was a part of the articles. But  Daff’s blog is merely his personal diary in which he puts all stuff he’s interested in and my blog “weareroot.de” is mainly about system administration and that doesn’t correspond well with application and web development.

Plus: Working together as a team is much more fun than doing it alone.

“Wait a second, why are you talking English? Aren’t you Germans?” Yes we are but since we write most of the time in English, read English how-tos and documentations and talk a lot of English in blogs, forums and chats we decided to stick to this language and provide our content to a bigger audience.

That should be it for now. We hope you will save our feed into your feedreader and will become a regular around here.

Greetings from Germany,

Daff (Munich) and Stevie (Berlin)

About stevie

Born in the north of Germany, raised in Berlin and stayed there since. After graduating, studying applied computer science at the FHTW Berlin (now HTW Berlin), I started my own company with a former fellow student, providing high class application solutions for web and desktop for small and medium companies (see www.jnamic.com (english version to be finished) for more information). My personal favorite programming languages are PHP for the web and Java for everything else - although I must admit Java evolved very much in the past few years. I love to code and build new applications from the scratch, optimizing it through day and night till I am satisfied with it's performance. So follow my articles, share your thoughts and experience with me and have a good time browsing this blog!
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